School Improvements

In yesterday’s assembly, Mrs Proops told us about a project which girls undertake in the Lower 4th as part of their Personal Decision Making programme, in which they have to come up with ideas to make the school a better place.

We heard from the winning group who pitched their ideas for improving the locker rooms. The group suggested simple changes that could be made to make the locker rooms cleaner and more comfortable to spend time in. These included:

  • Repainting and fixing damage on the walls to give the locker rooms a cleaner feel
  • Cleaning the carpets to remove stains and smells from spilled food and drink
  • Putting up mirrors so that the locker room appears larger and more spacious
  • Putting up a cork noticeboard where girls can pin up notices, timetables etc.
  • Buying more plastic bins so that there are no full bin bags lying around / overflowing bins.
  • Cleaning vandalism in lockers with stain or marker remover.
  • Providing chill out spaces with seats (like in the basement) so that girls do not have to resort to sitting on the floor in locker rooms.

The Lower 4th voted for this idea as their favourite, which means the changes will be implemented over the summer holidays to give the locker rooms a facelift before they change hands! Ideas from other groups included a gardening club, an outdoor space with tables and benches for girls to eat their lunch, a cheap and easy way to get hair bobbles in school if you forget to bring one, sanitary dispensers in the toilets and more. Many of these suggestions are also being implemented or looked into to see if they are possible.

The project gave girls the opportunity to get involved in improving their school community as well as showing them that they have some great ideas and that they are listened to!

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