Creak Memorial Prize 2017

In today’s assembly the winners of the Creak Memorial Prize were announced. Mrs Clark explained to us that Miss Creak was the first headmistress of KEHS, appointed in 1883 out of a choice of over 30 applicants.

Miss Creak believed that women’s education should do two thing: allow them to develop their highest intellectual potential and prepare them for the future, to be wives and mothers. She also believed that the two were mutually beneficial, complementing one another through time. She valued a sense of duty and honour, a love of work for its own sake, and independent effort. She embodied these traits herself and was well known for her determination and spirit.

Miss Creak left a lasting legacy upon the school and her ideas shaped the underlying ethos. Her dedication and passion for KEHS is celebrated every year by the Creak Memorial Prize, in which, every year, girls in the Upper 5th and Sixth Form nominate peers who they feel ‘by their characters and general worth have best served the school’. Then the older years have the difficult task of voting for those who they feel deserve to be awarded the prize.

Mrs Adeeko from the Careers Department, also a former KEHS pupil, told us how she remembers being extremely honoured and surprised to be voted as the winner of the Creak Memorial Prize in 1992. She said that it was particularly affirming to think that friends and other students thought that she deserved recognition for contributing to school life – particularly as her school reports suggested that she could do with increasing her confidence levels.

This year, 14 girls have been nominated for the prize, and their contributions to the KEHS community were acknowledge during assembly with direct quotations from the nominations that were written about them. Special congratulations go to Philippa, Alice and Manishaa who were voted as this year’s Creak Memorial Prize winners.

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