General Election 2017

Today’s assembly was led by Miss Evans and girls in the Lower 6th, focusing on the upcoming General Election which will take place on Thursday 8th June.  There will be a mock election taking place in school on the same day, where girls can vote for candidates in the Lower 6th representing six political parties. Voting will take place at recess and lunchtime in the foyer.

We heard from the six candidates who presented their ideas to us. The candidates represented the following political parties: the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the Green Party, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Communist Party. Candidates were given two minutes to make a speech about what their party stands for and what they would do if elected, which was both entertaining and provided food for thought.

The candidates will be campaigning around school in the weeks coming up to the election, and girls are invited to stop them and ask more about their policies.

Miss Evans reminded us of the importance of engaging with politics from an early age as it enables us to gain an understanding into how the country works and have an input into major decisions about things such as education, the economy, healthcare and many more. She stressed that although we may disagree with the opinions of politicians, political parties and even the general public at times, in the words of Winston Churchill ‘Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.’

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