Extra-Curricular at KEHS

Today’s assembly was led by Mrs Sangha about extra-curricular activities. Mrs Sangha reminded us of the many benefits participating in extra-curricular activities can bring, focusing on leadership skills.

As John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the USA once said, “If you’re actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Mrs Sangha talked about the leadership skills developed through opportunities to become captains of various sports, be on committees such as Dance Committee, organise Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, represent clubs at Open Mornings and many more.

She reminded us of the clubs that have been set up in recent years due to student demand, such as Football, Kickboxing and Model United Nations. She also pointed out that many clubs are set up and run by older students – demonstrating initiative, creative, passion and true leadership.

We then heard from Camara in the Lower Sixth, who set up a highly popular Fashion Club this year and has been inspirational to many of her peers and younger pupils. Camara talked about her club, where girls have the chance to learn about and discuss incredible and relevant things that have happened in the fashion world; for example, Dior’s ‘We should all be feminists’ t-shirts, Karl Lagerfeld’s feminist protest catwalk and UNESCO’s yearly partnership with Africa Fashion Reception with an aim to showcase the designs of lesser known African designers. We then enjoyed a mini catwalk from some of the members of Camara’s Fashion Club!

Finally, to celebrate the success of the KEHS extra-curricular programme, we saw a video showcasing the school’s extra- curricular activities put together recently by Mr Gilbert and his Acting and Filmmaking Club.

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