Cogent Skills ‘Careers in Science’ Poster Competition

In our Upper School assembly this week, we were able to congratulate Alice for winning the Cogent Skills ‘Careers in Science’ Poster Competition! Guest speaker Sharon Mathews from Cogent Skills presented Alice with the Cogent Skills trophy. She also talked about the benefits of choosing a STEM career as 72% of all UK businesses rely on people with STEM skills. She went onto explain how important it is for girls to pursue a career in STEM as only 21% of the STEM workforce are women. The competition, open to all secondary school students in years 8 and 9, was designed as a campaign to help parents get ‘science career savvy’ and highlight the range of careers available to those with STEM qualifications. Entrants had to design a poster and postcard as well as come up with a campaign name and slogan.

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