Anti-Bullying Week 2017

This morning, Mrs Shore-Nye led an assembly focused on Anti-Bullying Week 2017 which takes place from 13th – 17th November. Co-ordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, this year’s theme, ‘All Different, All Equal,’ encourages us to celebrate, rather than hide, our individuality and uniqueness. Mrs Shore-Nye read out some rather shocking statistics to highlight how often bullying takes place and, in turn, what we can do to stop these things from happening. According to the Annual Bullying Survey on, 34% of people have purposely upset someone, 22% have physically attacked someone, 21% have excluded somebody from a social group, 31% have said something nasty to someone online and 9% of people have taken or damaged somebody’s things to upset them. Speaking from her own personal experiences, Mrs Shore-Nye asked us to reflect on our own behaviour and how we can make a positive contribution to stop bullying.

Next week, anti-bullying wristbands will be available and we hope you all wear them to show your support.

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