Remembrance Day

This morning, we had our annual Remembrance Day assembly. Students and staff gathered in the hall for a poignant assembly, reminding us what Remembrance Day is all about and why we all wear a poppy. Mrs Britton asked us to remember our own KEHS community; students , staff and Old Edwardians who helped on the Home Front, in ammunition factories, on the land, in hospitals and running the transport network. Most importantly, she asked us to remember the young men of KES, 150 plus, who lost their lives in World War One. Mrs Hargraves then delivered a touching speech about own service in the British Army, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan alongside Iraqi and Afghan troops, reflecting on what Remembrance Day means to her. She noted, “When I think of Remembrance Day, I remember friends and colleagues who did not come home. And I think of those who did come home, but with physical and mental scars that will not heal. I don’t know what reconciliation looks like yet. But I do believe it is the only path to peace. In an unstable world we must seek to understand each other, come together and begin to resolve differences.”

KEHS Poet Laureate Shivanii delivered her own poem entitled ‘Another Day,’ followed by Naina who recited the German poem ‘Friede’ in German. The assembly concluded with a performance of The Last Post and a two-minute silence.

We should like to thank all who gave us very positive feedback on our Remembrance Day assemblies. Together with those already mentioned, we thank the History Department, the musicians Ivy and Amy and the Music Department for their particular contribution. Noemi, in particular, coordinated the flow and timings for all who took part, very skilfully and looks ahead to continuing events in the schools’ four-year Programme of Commemoration. Do look out for future occasions as we prepare for Armistice Celebrations in 2018.

We trust everyone can take away something personal and meaningful from our Remembrance Day assembly and relate it to preserving peace and reconciliation in the world.

Read Shivanii’s poem, Another Day, below:


Another day


Another day to remember,

Another day to forget.

Another day of touching reminiscence,

Another day to be content.


Another day of poppy flowers to

Enhance the radiant light of morning.

Scarlet hues blending into blood-red skies

To remind the world of its colossal goodbye.


There wasn’t another day for soldiers to keep faith.

No days did remain for them to finish their lifelong race.

No time to fly away to a sister’s sweet, loving embrace;

To the undeniable safety of a mother’s featherlike kiss.


These days we cherish, admire, hold dear,

Are re-gifted to us, year on year on year.

There were never days too few, for the soldiers who gave their lives

To give us our ‘another day’, and wish we might survive.


Across seas, other brothers, sisters, mothers do the same,

Immortalising the legacy of soldiers who didn’t die in vain,

Making sure that future generations will never in life forget

That when they ascended, their thoughts were not of regret.


Today, we assemble, to remember; commemorate.

One single day of thousands that have inevitably leaked away.

They gave us their forever, their everlasting, their always.

How can just one day be enough to repay?




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